[PB] BlackBerry PlayBookにBlackBerry 10 OSをインストールする方法

BlackBerry PlayBookでBlackBerry OS 10が動作している画像が出てました([PB] BlackBerry PlayBook用BlackBerry 10の画像が出てるんだけど…)

予想通りBlackBerry Z10のOSをPlayBookにインストールした画像でした。

画像を公開した、Kyle27 がCrackBerryのフォーラムで方法を公開しています。

How To Install BB10 Dev OS on PlayBook (CrackBerry)


This will work for both Windows & Mac – just ensure you have the tools that run for your machine

1. Install DingleBerry & DDPB/Some form of sideloading BAR software
2. Download the Dev Alpha OS from here
3. Change your PC and PlayBook date to September 24 2012 – Also turn off your Playbook’s WiFi
4. Enable Dev Mode on your PlayBook
5. Extract the Winchester SDK coreOS BAR file from the folder and place it in the Dingleberry/Firmware/custom folder
6. Connect your PlayBook to your PC
7. Open Dingleberry and enter your Dev Mode password into the field in top left
8. On Dingleberry, select Firmware and Make sure the Buttons say Custom & Core OS
9. Check that your PlayBook is detected by Dingleberry (top right corner)
10. Click update at the bottom
11. The device should have an update screen – if not make sure it is connected and try again. If it fails to install, simply disconnect, reconnect and try flashing again.
12. If successful, the Playbook will reboot itself – When it comes alive, enable dev mode again and sideload (using DDPB or similar) the Settings app, BBM, Browser, Camera, AppWorld
13. Reboot your device
14. When it comes back on – go to the NEW Settings app and change your date and time to be correct
15. Enable WiFi
16. Go to Settings>BB ID and check that it retrieves info/allows you to sign in – if so, you’re good to go – if not, reflash back to 2.1 (using Dektop Manager) and repeat
17. Enjoy BBM and AppWorld – Browser and Camera will work whether your BB ID works or not


インストールするOSがDev AlphaのOS v10.0なので、いまいち試す気になれないです(-_-;)