[BB10] BlackBerry 10のショートカット

BlackBerry 10.1のGold Native SDKがリリースされ、BlackBerry Q10にも対応しました。

Bringing Cascades BlackBerry Z10 apps to the BlackBerry Q10 (Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog)


Keyboard shortcuts 10.1

Supported shortcut types

Type Key Function
ScrollDownOneScreen Space Scroll down one screen
ScrollUpOneScreen Shift + Space Scroll up one screen
ZoomIn I Zoom in
ZoomOut O Zoom out
JumpToTop T Jump to top
JumpToBottom B Jump to bottom
NextSection N Jump to the next section
PreviousSection P Jump to the previous section
Reply R Reply to a message
Forward F Forward a message
Edit E Edit current content
Search S Start a search
Undo U Undo
CreateNew C Create a new entry

Localized system shortcuts

Type English German Spanish French Italian
ScrollDownOneScreen Space Space Space Space Space
ScrollUpOneScreen Shift + Space Shift + Space Shift + Space Shift + Space Shift + Space
ZoomIn I I I I I
ZoomOut O O O O O
JumpToTop T T P T A
JumpToBottom B B F B B
NextSection N N S S S
PreviousSection P P A P P
Reply R R R R R
Forward F F V F I
Edit E E E E E
Search S S B R C
Undo U U D A D
CreateNew C C C N N