[BB10] BlackBerry Z10の中身

BlackBerry Z10のパーツ分析が行われています。

Inside the Blackberry Z10 – Building a path for a return to glory? (TECHINSIGHTS)

デバイスへの期待が大きいほど、分析情報が多く出るのですがBlackBerry Z10は細かく分析されています。

blackberry-z10-comm-back blackberry-z10-comm-front

Samsung K3PE0E000A - Multichip Memory - 2 GB Mobile DDR2 SDRAM 
Samsung KLMAG2GE4A - Multichip Memory - 16 GB MLC NAND Flash, Controller 
Qualcomm MSM8960 - Snapdragon S4 Baseband / Applications Processor 
Qualcomm WCD9310 - Audio Codec 
Qualcomm PM8921 - Power Management IC
Qualcomm RTR8600 - GSM / CDMA / W-CDMA / LTE RxD Transceiver + GPS 
Texas Instruments WL1273L - Single-Chip 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth, and FM 
TriQuint TQP6M9017 - Dual-Band WLAN Module
RF Micro Devices RF7252 - CDMA/WCDMA BAND 2 Linear Power Amplifier Module
RF Micro Devices RF7303 - LTE/UMTS/CDMA BAND 3 Linear Power Amplifier Module
Inside Secure SECUREAD IC5C633I4- NFC Solution Module
Avago ACPM-5017 - LTE Band XVII Power Amplifier 
Avago ACPM-7051 - Quad-Band GSM / W-CDMA Bands I & V Power Amplifier 
Sony CXM3582UR - SP10T Antenna Switch 
ST Microelectronics LIS3DH - MEMS Accelerometer
STMicroelectronics LSM330DLC - 3D Accelerometer & 3D Gyroscope
Synaptics Clearpad 3203 - Capacitive Touchscreen Controller


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