[PB] PlayBook OS 2.1のアップデートが4G PlayBookリリース後に来るらしい

PlayBook 4G LTE の 発売が 7/31 になりそうですが、発売後に既存PlayBookに向けた OS 2.1 アップデートが配信されるようです。

BlackBerry 10 Dev AlphaにアップデートしたPlayBookをOS 2.1 βに戻そうとしたらアップデートサーバにうまく接続出来なくて何度かやり直したのですが、この関係かな?

RIM preparing BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 rollout as PlayBook 4G launch nears (CrackBerry)

  • Software updates are no longer mandatory during setup. The customer can choose the best time to update for them.
  • Setting Up WiFi connection is no longer mandatory at setup
  • Software updates can be done over a cellular network (4G models only)
  • Portrait Mode can now be used with the Email, Calendar, and Contacts App
  • Greater flexibility and control over which folders are wirelessly synced when using Active Sync
  • Full access to IMAP Email folders
  • The BlackBerry PlayBook now gives you the ability to conduct a video chat over 4G Cellular Networks (Some Carrier Restrictions May Apply)
  • Print To Go – Now you can send content to your BlackBerry PlayBook even if it’s not connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Android Apps will now run in individual windows rather than being lumped into one Android Player Window.
  • Apps which require access to the camera are now supported
  • In-App Payments can now be submitted. Buying that next power-up in your game is easier than ever!
  • Video Store is now available in Canada. Thousands of movies and TV shows, new & old, available on demand to rent or buy New releases available same day as DVD
  • Text Messaging is now supported with BlackBerry Bridge. When Bridged you can read, send and receive text messages on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
  • When Bridged, and connected to WiFi, the BlackBerry PlayBook automatically sends and receives data over the WiFi network to decrease cellular data usage, and increase performance.


BlackBery 10 Dev Alpha の 日本語入力はちゃんと動かなかったので、あまり期待出来ないかもしれません。