[PB] PlayBookハックツールDingleberry v3.2.1がリリース

BlackBerry PlayBook のハックツールDingleberryのv3.2.1がリリースしました。

3.2.1 Released
  • Maintenance release fixing download/downgrade crashes. Related to crossing of packets between PB and Download Server.
3.2.0 Released
  • New on-boot exploit. No need to connect to USB after reboot. Allows seamless features such as theming.
  • Developer Mode is turned on at boot
  • Improved root scripts. Faster re-rooting. Hidden files. User script: start.sh (eg. for theming).
  • Improved downgrading progress bar for Full OS option. Now shows progress of each individual file.
  • Unified once-off login with the Playbook when USB is connected to Dingleberry. Less possible bugs, makes actions faster.
  • OS Version and Battery Charge information is polled (side effect of once-off login) for updated information.
  • New notice showing whether USB is connected.
  • Correctly ignores downloading ‘Custom’ firmware.
  • Allow pressing enter in ip/pass boxes for Dingle SSH
  • New welcome image