[PB] PlayBookハックツールDingleberry v3.1がリリース

BlackBerry PlayBook のハックツールDingleberryのv3.1がリリースしました。

Windows, Mac OS, Linux版が公開されています。

3.1.0 Released
  • Improved upgrader/downgrader. Allows selection of Core OS and Full OS with a variety of firmwares. Will flash anything!
  • Includes a ‘Custom’ folder which will install any series of ‘.bar’ files you want (mix and match).
  • Fixed bug with folders not existing. New folder structure. Move ‘Firmware’ folder to update OS list if new ones become listed.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes for Mac OSX.



どんどん進化するDingleberry! 次はカスタムOSか?(^_^;)