[PB] PlayBookハックツールDingleberryのバグ修正版v3.0.2がリリース





3.0 – 3.0.2での修正内容です。

3.02 Released
  • New download server (bnxtreme) to replace the old one that wasn’t working anymore. Server is no longer hardcoded.
3.0.1 Released
  • Detects if user is already rooted and if so, bypasses the restore process. Works on 6xxx firmware.
  • Fixes an issue with Hulu that killed Flash Player for some users.
3.0  Released
  • Displays a notification on Playbook once the exploit has been delivered successfully.
  • Prevents ‘erroring out’, sudden black screen and doubt over whether exploit succeeded.
  • Removed backup and restore requirement.
  • Removed reboot requirement after Dingle.
  • Removed File Sharing, Wifi Sharing and Password Protect settings requirement.
  • Removes ‘host’ requirement on SSH. You can SSH from any IP.
  • Removes playbook firewall on startup (eg. localbar, pbconnect).
  • New scp/ssh code to allow jailbreak to work faster, bug-free with less dependencies.
  • Fixed known_hosts openssh issue in Dingle SSH.
  • UI fixes and overhaul (size, shape, clicks).
  • Root works *every* time without hammering Playbook.
  • Huluberry browser added. Allows viewing Hulu.
  • Downgrade feature added. Allows downgrading to rootable firmware.
  • Fixed bug which required developer mode to be on for BDM, restore or downgrade.

Dingleberry v2 では、Desktop Softwareを操作する必要がありましたが Dingleberry v3は、DingleberryでOSのダウングレード、root取得、Huluberryといった追加アプリケショーンのインストールが行われます。

Android Market のインストールなどはrootを取得後に手動で行う必要があります。